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NEH Fellowship Opportunity

Pictorial Histories and Myth-Histories: “Graphic Novels” of the Mixtecs and Aztecs

 A Summer Institute in Oaxaca, Cholula, and Mexico City. June 29 – July 26, 2014

 Announcing a fellowship opportunity for twenty-four select faculty participants from two-year, community, and four-year colleges and universities, designed to

enhance their teaching and research by engaging with scholars in a wide range of disciplines in the study of pictorial histories of ancient Mexico.

Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and sponsored by The Community College Humanities Association, this four-week Institute, held on-site in locations in Oaxaca, Puebla and Mexico City, will enable Summer Fellows to explore the new collaborative scholarship focusing on the reading and interpretation of the painted histories and myth-histories of the Mixtecs of Oaxaca and the Aztecs of central Mexico and Puebla, which open a window onto how these Mesoamerican peoples conceived of “history” and of their own existential situations.


Seminars and on-site field study will be conducted with the following visiting scholar specialists: M. C. Alejandro de Avila B. (Director, Ethnobotanical Garden,

Oaxaca); Dana Leibsohn (Professor of Art, and Faculty Director of the Five Colleges Digital Humanities Project, Smith College); John Pohl (Art History, UCLA); John Monaghan (Chair, Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago); Ethelia Ruiz M. (Dirección de Estudios Históricos at INAH); Karl Taube (Anthropology, University of California at Riverside); and Marcus Winter (archaeologist, INAH Centro, Oaxaca).


Stipend: The Institute covers all lodging, internal travel and site-visit costs for all scheduled activities during the project as specified in the detailed Daily Schedule. Participants are responsible for meals and personal expenses, and for individual travel arrangements to Oaxaca and return from Mexico City. As all logistics, internal travel and lodging have been pre-arranged and pre-paid by CCHA, the NEH grant stipend monies of $3,300 for four week projects have been pooled to cover these expenses; any remaining balance is paid directly to Fellows as a cash stipend to help defray external travel costs and/or other Institute expenses.


For further details and Application Information please visit our website at


Or you may also contact one of the Project Co-Directors:

Dr. Laraine Fletcher, Adelphi University, Anthropology, emerita,

Dr. George Scheper, Director, Odyssey Program, and Senior Lecturer, Advanced Academic Programs, The Johns Hopkins University,


Application Deadline: March 4, 2014